June 2019

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As real estate joins the world in the 4th industrial revolution, agents face several difficult decisions. In the last three industrial revolutions, things were replaced, society changed forever, and empires were built. For most of us, the most recent revolution came in the form of the internet. Your ability to shop online became a mainstream convenience, waiting more than two days for delivery seems archaic, and Jeff Bezos remains the richest man in the world as of the date of this publication.  We live in a world where tech companies strive to become real estate companies and real estate companies strive to become tech companies. Amazon much like many other tech outfits, holds real estate aspirations. I’m serious, google it...or ask Alexa. Given the current market conditions, NOT having an investment interest in the real estate industry seems irresponsible. Many tech companies have paved the way for Amazon’s interest, Zillow, Trulia (Same Company As Zillow), Redfin,,, just to name a few.

So, about real estate agents, what difficult decisions do they have ahead? Why concern themselves with tech companies who strive to become real estate companies?

Tech Companies Don’t Want Real Estate Agents Involved In Your Real Estate Transaction.

How? Why? Tune in next month for a behind the scenes look at the relationship between real estate tech companies and your local Real Estate Agent.


Daniel Kahn

Team Director @ iKahnGroup

Trend Spotlight: Bathtubs

A recent bathroom design trend we’ve started to see a lot more of recently in both new construction and remodeling projects is the freestanding soaker tub. While showers are used more often, having at least one bathtub in your home is an important factor in a home’s overall value and desirability, especially if you’re a family with children. As the tub/shower combo begins to fall to the wayside, having a standalone tub and walk-in shower gives a homeowner the best of both worlds. Whether you fancy the romantic old world charm of a clawfoot tub, or the sleekness of today’s modern freestanding tubs, this new trend exudes a sense of spa-like luxury that built-in tubs just don’t offer. We’d love to hear from you. If you were to remodel your current bathroom, would a standalone tub be on your wishlist, or would you forgo a tub altogether for a larger shower?


Karyn Sandmann

Brand Ambassador & Buyer Specialist @ iKahnGroup

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Taken by Scott Carter

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