Dan was a professional

"Dan was a professional, if I have any questions I was able to text him during reasonable hours and he would respond back quickly. Very honest and trust worthy." - Ron Dawis


He is very knowledgeable

"Dan was very easy to work with and was available every weekend for us until we found our home! He is very knowledgeable - took the time to explain the buying process for new homeowners and always followed up on questions we had. He is a great guy to work with and we highly recommend him!" -Charlie and Nicole Gochenbach


He works around you and is always readily available.

"Dan worked incredibly hard to make sure that I got to see any property that I wanted and quickly. He works around you and is always readily available. I would recommend Dan to anyone looking to purchase a property. Very knowledgeable and always ready to help you get the dream home that you want. 10/10" -Andrew Polyack


 Daniel fought to get us the very best deal

"Daniel is the best real estate agent. He was amazing to work with. My wife and I could not have asked for a better experience when we were looking for/ buying a home. Daniel was very flexible with times. He was great at communication as well. He encouraged us to ask questions and was very quick to get back with a response. My wife and I also felt that Daniel fought to get us the very best deal. He is an honest person as well. I am recommending Daniel to anyone I know who is looking to buy a house. We can't say thank you enough." - Brody Smith



Would recommend him to everyone!!

"Dan and his team were wonderful during a long process with a difficult seller. After the house was appraised lower than our offer, the seller still wanted more than the appraised price. He fought for us and got it where we wanted it. Would recommend him to everyone!!" -Michelle Jakitis Krueger

I loved his professionalism, kindness and sense of humor.

“The staff at iKahn are very nice and they have great listings in the area. Dan showed me homes and I loved his professionalism, kindness and sense of humor. I felt as if I had a Cobble Hill / Carroll Gardens old timer who wasinterested in providing us with the best choice in our budget.For the broker wary, iKahn Group did not waste any time at all in showing us listings. We only waited 10 minutes after the appointment before they whisked us in a car to the first apartment. Keep in mind, this was after a walk in with no prior appointment.” –William Kampell


You know that you can rely him for basically everything.

“If anyone needs any assistance, he is the man to go to. We were able to get our dream house within our price range in a wonderful area! Dan will always be happy to satisfy your needs and requests. He is always able to make time for his clients for showings based on their time, not his. You know that you can rely him for basically everything. He treated us as if we have known one another for months when we first met him. We definitely will contact him if we were to move again or if someone we know is searching for a new home! Also, we usually don’t write reviews; however, Dan deserves it. We know that he will be our go to guy all the time.” –Sita Patel


He listened to everything we wanted and was also hilarious..

“Dan Kahn found us a great place! He was lovely to work with and really worked his hardest to get us into the home we finally found and loved. I dealt with a lot of realtors during my search and I was so happy that Dan was able to find a place for us. He listened to everything we wanted and was also hilarious and knew a lot about the neighborhood. The rest of the staff at iKahn Group was great, it felt like you were dealing with people who cared about finding you a place that worked for you. They were never pushy and really knowledgeable!” –Kevin Kline


He was truly a pleasure to work...

“We turned to iKahnGroup when we needed to get out of a bad situation with a landlord. Dan Kahn was wonderful to work with. He found us an amazing apartment in a neighborhood we didn’t think we could afford. He helped to push back the move in date so we wouldn’t have to pay double rent. He was truly a pleasure to work with and we would recommend iKahnGroup and Dan to anyone in their search for the perfect apartment.”

–Margarat Sanger


Dan and his team provide outstanding service to their clients.

“I have worked with Dan and his team on several deals. Throughout these experiences, it is clear to me that Dan and his team provide outstanding service to their clients. They are not just interested in getting the deal closed, as is the case with many other brokers in Chicago. Instead, they truly care about their clients’ needs and make sure that their clients are completely satisfied. We try to do the same in our business and it is very refreshing to work with real estate brokers who have the same professionalism. I would recommend Dan and his team to anyone. If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about Dan, please feel free to contact me anytime.”

–Andrea Davis


Dan is genuine...

“We’re in the process of relocating from new York to IL. I called Daniel Kahn from iKahnGroup early one morning about a listing and he quickly got back to me. I told him I had a couple of hours to look at places that day and then I was jumping on a plane. He walked me around the neighborhood and showed several places. They were all great and all of them could have done the job. I have to give Dan a lot of credit for understanding what I was looking for and coming up with some great solutions. 48 hours later we were set. Dan is genuine, considerate and will get the job done.” –Michael Perez


Dan, was super friendly.

“I was fortunate enough to be referred to iKahnGroup by an old colleague who used Dan to find her a wonderful place in Cary. After seeing some pretty crap places (its true, I came from San Francisco, so I was expecting a bit more for the $,) I saw a craigslist ad for a place that looked like a good fit. The broker, Dan, was super friendly. He told me before I walked in the house that I was going to fall in love with the place and absolutely want to live there, and he wasn’t bullshitting me. This place had nearly everything on my ‘list’. Hardwood floors, lots of light (and skylights!), a *true* 4 BR, working fireplaces, plenty of storage, and a washer/dryer included. On top of showing me around the neighborhood, and answering my plethora of questions (being new to IL,) Dan and his assistant were kind enough to give me a lift to my friend’s gallery after the paperwork was signed. Overall, it was a seamless and easy process, finding an affordable, cute place in a fabulous neighborhood!” –Jenny Thomas

“After looking at tons and tons of places and using multiple realtors we ended up finding our house through iKahn and we love it. We got to see the home before it was even listed and negotiated and signed an offer that same day with a very reasonable price. Anyway, while we worked with a few people there (Dan and Elizabeth) our favorite was Elizabeth who was a newbie being trained at the time. Maybe it was because she was just starting out in real estate, but she was the only realtor that kept in constant contact with us and would call when an appropriate property was becoming available. Totally loved her, would use her again.” –Phil Burr

“Dan!!! Where would we be without you?! Thank you for your expertise and guidance.Before we met you, I was ALL BUT giving up on realtors trying to find an inexpensive home for my daughter from out of town. You were AMAZING and so on the ball! You are now the official realtor of the Celona family for Illinois… I have more business for you in the spring with our eldest.Seriously, Dan anticipated issues we might have with a co-op to prepare us and even knew BETTER than the listing agent (whose mistakes and misinformation she had to pay for herself).We had seriously spoken to 4 other realtors who had flaked on us and even MET another realtor in the city who was NOT PREPARED even with our advanced appointment. We were motivated clients looking to commit quickly and didn’t think realtors wanted our business.Dan, you knew what we were looking for and took into consideration our concerns about getting our daughter in a safe, affordable home within a reasonable commute to work and school.I am happy at the lucky chance that I found you on the web… thank you, thank you!”

–Ken Larson

“I worked with Dan and his associate Elizabeth in looking for a place with my fiance in Northern Illinois. They were both gracious and attentive, and they never wasted our time showing us places that seemed “aspirational”. Plus, I hate to have to say this, but these guys also speak in complete sentences, return messages, and answer their phones. And if you’ve ever purchased an space in Chicago, you know that well over 75% of realtors don’t have that going for them. We’re planning to start looking for places again soon, and Dan and Elizabeth will be the first people we turn to!” –Kelly Walker

“In a city full of sharky brokers and false promises, Daniel and his warm personality are a welcome sight!”

–Linda Brandes

“Dan Kahn rocks my world. There is no question that you should use him as your broker if you value your time and need someone who is going to take care of things soup to nuts. From the moment I contacted him, Dan was quick to respond and always focused on bringing ideas & solutions to the table. The houses he showed me were spot-on. It’s like he knew exactly what I was looking for – the character, the charm, the aesthetic, the energy of the neighborhood. Dan negotiated hard for me on the terms of the purchase. He had my best interests at heart. And then came the time to move in, he recommended an incredible moving company. When I told them I got their name from Dan, they gave me the VIP package, special pricing and accelerated timing. This guy is connected, and it benefited me every step of the way. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dan and iKahn Real Estate. You’d be an idiot to go with anyone else!” –Tommy Dunkin

“iKahnGroup invested incredible time and energy to finding us the best places possible, while also remaining within our budget. Our Realtor was clearly a pro at not only finding the nicest places within a strict budget such as ours, but also at dealing with people like myself who have had terrible real estate experience in the past. He makes the home-hunting experience fun, and for that, I recommend him highly! Dan went above and beyond for us, when looking at places in town. He was always helpful, never pushy, and helped us find places to view that fit our budget and needs. Such a great realtor! Will use again!” –Doug Fernald

“Ultimately, it only took two weeks to find our dream house. There were multiple offers on it, but Dan got in there and got us the house. He hooked us up with great inspectors, and was super patient during the inspection process. I called him in a panic pretty much every time I saw a new form, and he calmly guided me through everything. My home search was quick, but I’m sure that dealing with ignorant, panicked first time home buyers can’t be fun. If he was annoyed, he never let it show. Before March was over, everything was done and we were moving into our new home! Using a site like Zillow can be instrumental in the home buying process, but getting a realtor like Dan is crucial in making your home buying dreams a reality.” –Frank Brinks

“I have been toying with the idea of buying a home for at least ten years. The whole process just seemed so daunting that I never got around to giving it serious thought until February. I wasn’t sure where to start, so I talked to my friend Shaughn B., who had just bought his own home. He referred me to his realtor, Dan, and I am so glad that he did. Dan is super mellow and low key, he doesn’t come across as a pushy salesman at all. (I had seen some super amped-up, kind of crazy realtors at open houses, so I wasn’t sure what to expect). If you liked the houses he was showing you, cool, if not, that was ok too. Also, he didn’t hold back his opinion if he thought a house was terrible. He gave us some great advice too, like dumping Chase for a smaller, private mortgage lender that was much easier to work with. I have had friends that used Chase to fund their mortgages, and in more than one case the deals almost fell through because of Chase’s lack of responsiveness. Dan also seems to have deep knowledge about a lot of areas.” –Robbin Wells

“Dan and his team were wonderful during a long process with a difficult seller. After the house was appraised lower than our offer, the seller still wanted more than the appraised price. He fought for us and got it where we wanted it. Would recommend him to everyone!!” –Victor Parker

“iKahnGroup is fabulous! I truly loved the straight forward personality of the team. I loved that they knew the neighborhood so well and that they were able to tell me some of its rich history. Before I met with Dan's team early in my home search, I was unsure about where to begin. After leaving our first meeting I felt confident in knowing that I was working with true professionals who truely cared about their clients. iKahnGroup is a local team I would highly recommend!” –Nancy Luka

“We worked with Dan Kahn, and he was everything a broker should be. He was friendly, listened to what we were looking for, kept in touch throughout the process, and didn’t waste our time. He acted as an adviser and advocate throughout the process, even helping us to negotiate down the price a bit and get the place we were looking for in our price range. He was also persistent–after the first place we really liked didn’t pan out, he got right back to it and found us other places to look at, one of which we ended up liking even better. He was fantastically helpful, and I wish all brokers had his high standards. I will definitely refer him to my friends, and will use him again the next time we’re looking to move.” –Carol Dilliger

“If you are looking to rent/buy in the city, I highly recommend Dan Kahn. He is very knowledgeable of the town and does not push you to buy the first thing you see. In a land of pushy brokers and agents, it is hard to find an willing, attentive and patient agent to help you navigate the process. Dan is always helping and searching, and he is there when you need him.” –Ann Sas

“In my first post grad school house hunt in Chicago, I left no stone unturned. Websites, newspapers, and plain old pounding the pavement. Dan iKahnGroup was recommended to me by a friend. It was rare to have a broker respond to me with such kindness, especially given my limited budget. Heck, it was rare to have a broker respond to me at all. Dan was knowledgeable, realistic, and friendly. I would definitely contact him for my next move.”

–Katie Velo

“From the get go Dan was on top of everything! My husband and I were interested in selling our two bedroom, two bath condo in Silver Lake and came across Dan’s website. The fact that Dan called us within an hour of emailing him says a lot about his work ethic and professionalism. After our first meeting Dan had a plan and we were immediately put at ease by his level of organization. He advised us on any changes to make to our property, hooked us up with awesome home stagers, set up a photo shoot, created an amazing website for our home, and immediately started publicizing the condo in preparation for our first open house. One aspect of his service that really impressed us was that he didn’t just leave a key for other realtors in a lock box; he was very clear that he would be responsible for showing the house. That proved to us that he genuinely cared about how the property was presented and was confident in his ability to sell it fast. Our condo was on the market for mere days (a day even, if I recall correctly) and the open house was a crazy success. After one open house Dan came back to us with a long list of offers over our asking price! Every step of the way Dan kept us informed and answered our questions right away. Our condo is sold and we couldn’t be happier! If we sell another property, we will no doubt use Dan again.” -Tina Kamp

“Daniel helped me find my current home in Lincoln Park. I was looking for a building that would allow my boy Dozer, (Bulldog). Surprisingly, many of the buildings thought that Bulldogs were aggressive breeds. Daniel took the time to meet with the building association and arranged a doggy meeting! Long story short, Dozer and I are very happy and we have Daniel to thank.” –Molly Billinger

“I first met Dan when I was searching for a career in real estate. I interviewed with him over at American Realty. I must say, it was unlike any other interview I have ever been, very compelling. Any who, I later contacted him to find my next home here in Chicago’s Gold Coast. Just as he was in the interview, he was very attentive and listened to every detail. We found my place on the very first day! I would highly recommend him to anyone! Great guy!”

–Grant Kepple

“As my family and I attempted to relocate to the northern suburbs of Chicago, I found out that I needed someone whom was knowledgeable of both areas. Not only did we need to get my daughter into school, but we needed to sublet our current property as well. Luckily we found Dan. As we learned, Dan grew up in the northern burbs, but also worked extensively in the city. JACKPOT! He was able to sublet our property for us AND find our new home in Cary. If we ever move again, I know exactly who we’re calling. Professional, friendly, and results driven. Good agent!” –Jenny Frenton

“I was a first time home buyer with modest hopes for buying a home. Dan worked with me from the beginning with honesty and integrity about what could work for me. After a couple of properties, Dan quickly understood exactly what I was looking for in a house.After looking for less than 8 months, I found a house that fit all my requests and Dan wasted no time getting the ball rolling. I was able to read documents online on my phone and laptop which made the whole deal possible. Dan secured my offer while I was out of town in Chicago having a slice of pizza and a beer. I came to find out that my offer was the lowest, Dan convinced them I was the best option, saving me thousands of dollars. Closing was quick and painless even for my first house and he got me in the new place right before the holidays! What a guy. If you want a real estate agent who is on top of things, tech savvy and not full of cheesy real estate gimmicks, then Dan is your guy. I look forward to working with him again.”

–Brandon Grebbet

“I met Daniel when he was selling a mid century house down the street from mine. I told him the situation I was in with my home, (it was non-standard for sure) and he went out of his way to help me sell it in a way that was conducive to the the constraints of my family’s situation. He is the type of realtor that Is actually concerned with ethics and the needs of his clients. Too many realtors today only understand how to do things in a cookie cutter manner, or in a way that maximizes their own personal gains, they don’t take into account the best interests of the buyer or seller. I really believe that is not so with Daniel, and I give him my highest recommendation. Also, he sold our house in 2 days, worked out a miracle on our appraisal, and we closed escrow in 28 days!If you are looking for someone who is honest, down to earth, and doesn’t buy into the typical real estate scare tactics mantra of doing business. I would highly suggest you call him.” –Vancy Merlz

“We choose Dan, as our real estate agent, to help us sell our Chicago condo and I’m so glad we did! Our transaction wasn’t perfect (no fault of Dan’s) and he was there to answer our questions and get us back in escrow quickly. Without Dan’s help I’m pretty sure I would still have a condo to sell. We ended up closing our condo this month for well over the asking price. My husband and I are happy with the result and so glad we choose Dan as our Realtor. Dan really cares about his clients. He was always there to answer our questions through the whole selling process. If I left a message he would get back to us promptly and I really did appreciate that. It is the small things throughout the transaction that make Dan a great Realtor to work with. I will definitely be using Dan as my real estate agent again when I go to buy a house at the end of the year. After working with Dan there is no one else I would want to do a real estate transaction with. Overall if you choose Dan as your agent you will be in great hands. Whether you are buying a new house or selling your current home, having Dan on your side will help you have a worry free transaction. Dan has the knowledge about the real estate market here and can answer all the questions you have.”

–Rob Daughton

“Dan is someone who truly cares about the client in a genuine way. No pressure, and he even created a customized property search that delivered potential options to us via email each day. I recommend him to any friends interested in buying property in IL – Dan’s as genuine as they come…and that goes a long way in the real estate industry. After a high school friend (who also works in real estate) referred us to Dan we decided to go with him to help us find our first home. Dan helped the transaction go smoothly and helped us find a perfect starter home that was VA friendly. After purchasing our first home, we knew that we would use him and his team when it came time to buy again. That time came a few months ago and we knew exactly who to call! Dan has made the process so much easier with his wealth of knowledge and understanding of the market. He has been honest, dependable and a real pleasure to work with. If we are in the market again, he already has my business. So if you are looking for a great realtor, look no further! Trust me, he’s helped me buy 2 homes!” –Laura Kaft

“My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Dan when planning our move from CA to IL. Dan was gracious enough to take his time and show us several homes in our price range in two different neighborhoods. We actually had fun looking at places with him, he made it interesting and informative! Thank you so much Dan and best of luck to you in all your endeavors!” –Jeanie Tilles

“We had only one weekend to find a home in Illinois, as we were both still working in Georgia, at the time and could only afford to fly to IL one time. In preparation for this, we emailed Dan a list of “must-haves” and “would like to haves.” He sent us an extensive email of listings, including floor plans, photos, and detailed descriptions. When we got to IL, in a single day, Dan showed us at least 7-8 places, all of which fit our “criteria.” It was very easy to select “our favorite,” and Dan quickly put in our bid, and even talked the price down! Dan assisted us the entire way, even making arrangements for us to move in a couple of days early.” –Jim Mannis

“Dan is an absolute gem, and you would be lucky to have him as your realtor. He is very approachable, responsive, personable, and really wants to help find you a home. My husband and I recently relocated from Los Angeles to Illinois. Neither one of us had lived in IL before, but we had heard it is extremely difficult to find a good space, and even tougher to find a good broker. We hired Dan based on his positive reviews.” –Frank Helms

“I wholeheartedly agree with all the other reviewers here, Dan is the best. My husband and I were relocating from Atlanta and had 3 days to find our perfect place. We gave Dan our requirements and headed to the neighborhood with a lot of skepticism, based on horror stories we’d heard about brokers from friends.Dan picked us up at our hotel and drove us around town, showing us homes – yes, he drove us! How’s that for service? We saw 12 properties in 2 days and liked most of them. We were totally unprepared for loving 5 of them and having to really struggle to choose just one.Dan carefully explained the process, was always prepared to answer any questions we had, negotiated with the other party on our behalf and, in the end, helped us find a great place. We were very happy with the deal he was able to work out for us. His services are worth every single penny.” –Brittany Roberts

“Dan is an exceptional agent in the IL market. He is trustworthy, responsive, but perhaps most importantly adaptable to your preferences and desires as far as meeting times, communications and housing types. Most of all, I give Dan credit for being incredibly patient. We must’ve looked at 40 places before seeing the correct spot.I recommend Dan with the utmost confidence – and urge you to consider him for your home buying/renting needs in Illinois”

–Stanley Brass

“Mrs: Moving is STRESSFUL. My husband and I had a lot on our plates, trying to finish up grad school, among other things, prior to moving to the city. After spending countless hours online, trying to find the right borough, the right neighborhood, the right street, left, right, west, east, etc., all with room for our two dogs and family and friends to visit – a friend of a friend put us in touch with Dan and he managed everything for us. (Thank goodness!) We were very particular – two bedrooms, a private roof, and two bathrooms – among others. My husband flew up, and within two days, we had our home on the Upper West Side. Our home is absolutely beautiful and I am thankful every single day that we found our “home” in the city. Simply put – Dan is the best. He is a true professional, and we so lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked with him.” –Kimmy Becklar

“Dan is the man! Two of my friends and I were moving up from Kansas to Illinois and we got in contact with Dan because he was recommended by others and we weren’t let down. He started by giving us a rundown of the IL market–what we could expect from certain neighborhoods and how we should strategize our home search. Now, looking for a 3 bedroom Home in IL in May/June was no easy task. To add to this, we gave Dan an exhaustive list of requirements and restrictions that seemed almost impossible to meet in a market where you could count the number of 3 bedrooms in IL on two hands. He took us out two days in May and there wasn’t much that met our needs in our price range. However, Dan never gave up on us. He continued to send us emails daily with new listings that were appropriate for what we wanted. He took us out a third time (sorry for taking so much time Dan!) and finally landed us the perfect place, helping us negotiate the price down even though this would mean a lower commission for himself. In addition to all of the house hunting, Dan was kind enough to invite us to one of his parties where we met a ton of amazing people. Dan is probably the nicest and most honest broker you will meet in IL. I’ve heard of people having terrible experiences with brokers in IL, but for us it was nothing but smooth sailing and complete satisfaction with Dan. Highly recommended!” –Hugh Lupa

“Back in the summer of 2011 I was looking to start my career in real estate. I interviewed with American Realty and Dan Kahn. Truthfully, I had actually interviewed with other companies as well, but none of them seemed to have the support and knowledge that American Realty did. In the end, I was offered a position with a marketing firm and never really fully explored real estate. Fast forward to 2012, I needed to be closer to my office in Streeterville. Knowing that I couldn’t possibly afford that area, I asked Dan what neighborhoods I might be able to afford. He was jonny on the spot. Right away he knew what I was looking for AND it was in my budget. Today I enjoy an awesome 1 bed in the Gold Coast and to top it off, Im minutes away from work! Dan really knew his stuff.” –Janel Driff

“I would recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to work with a broker in Illinois in a heartbeat. He is energetic, friendly and super responsive. He helped us find an awesome home in IL that would allow us to bring our large dog, which was no small feat. He responded to emails, texts, phone calls right away…seriously, I don’t think this guy ever sleeps. What I really liked is that I felt like he was looking out for our best interests rather than his commission. I’ve worked with other brokers in the city before, and this was above and beyond the most (actually, the only) positive experience I’ve had.” –Philip Underwood

“I strongly recommend Daniel as a broker in the Illinois metro area. He is highly compassionate, timely, organized, knowledgeable, and determined when it comes down to finding you the right place to live and call home. He will always make you feel like you are his top priority. He’s very fast to respond to email/text/phone calls. If He doesn’t know the answer to your question he will be sure to ask one of his legal or banking contacts and find out for you. Also, his integrity is above and beyond that of most Illinois brokers just looking to make a quick commission. I am enthusiastic about my recommendation for Daniel but I just hope he doesn’t become overbooked when I need his help again later down the road!” –David Sussa

“Ilinois has more smarmy brokers than the subway has rats. I’ve dealt with the classic bait and switch, being dragged to home grossly out of my price range or desired neighborhood, dopey lines about how a shoebox, rat-infested spaces is my bedroom but Chicago is my living room and a general being made to feel that I was just a transaction and not a person in need of help. Enter Dan. My girlfriend and I were looking to move in together, and we had a specific set of neighborhoods and price range. Daniel absolutely stuck to that ballpark. He found and showed us properties. In addition, he gave us the inside story on the owners and steered us clear of a few places that had the potential to be a raw deal. During the whole process he was super friendly and prompt in replying when we had questions. When it came time to sign the paperwork, Dan was very thorough in explaining the legalese and making sure we were comfortable with everything. All in all, Dan made home hunting something resembling fun. Over a year later and we’re still in the same home and couldn’t be happier in no small part due to Dan’s hard work!”

–Gloria Brack

“Ever since I moved to Illinois over two years ago, Dan has been very helpful with all kinds of real estate advice and recommendations. I have a lot of friends who have used his services and found great spaces in the city. Whether it was recommendations on the best neighborhoods, or just general advice that I, Dan has never hesitated to help me out. He’s been a huge asset in helping me navigate the crazy world of Chicago real estate, and I highly recommend him, whether you’re new to the city or a Chicago native!” –Lisa Brooks

“My roommates and I found Dan through the less than ideal process of trial and error with inquiring about condos from ads online. Dan was easily the most knowledgeable and on top of what we wanted because he specializes in Chicago – the only area we were looking in. On top of that, I said it was important that I have a good amount of closet space NOT in the master and he delivered in multiple homes. He stayed within our budget, got us something that we absolutely love and did not show us a single sapce we didn’t like (pretty amazing for this city!). On top of that, our process was constrained by multiple factors (crazy work schedules, impending travel, strict deadlines) and none of it phased him. I’d recommend him to any of my friends in a second. He genuinely cares about his clients and wants to make sure they are happy in their new homes.” –Nina Vello

“I worked with several real estate agents and Dan was by far the most qualified. Searching for properties on Craigslist seems like a complete waste of time in retrospect because once I began working with Dan, the process because less time-intensive for me and much more effective. One of the best aspects of my experience working with Dan is that he was able to show me properties that I liked in many different neighborhoods. His knowledge and connections definitely extend beyond any single particular neighborhood. I am so happy in the condo I found, and I owe that to him.” –Quincy Tallenman

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